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Powerfull Solar is LA's premier solar contractor.

Harness & Own Your Power

Powerfull Solar is a full-service solar company specializing in the installation and maintenance of solar panels in residential and commercial properties in Los Angeles. We believe everyone deserves clean, renewable, and affordable energy, and solar power offers the ideal path towards energy independence. We have helped thousands of homeowners and businesses become energy independent in the Los Angeles region, and we can do the same for you.

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Benefits of Solar Power:

  • You own your solar energy
  • Own an asset, not a liability
  • Reduce or eliminate electricity bills
  • Protect yourself against rising utility costs
  • Improve your property’s value
  • Customized according to your needs
  • Clean, renewable source of energy
  • Reduce carbon footprint

Claim the Investment Tax Credit
(While You Still Can)

To incentivize the mass-scale adoption of solar energy, the investment tax credit allows individuals and businesses to reduce their income tax burden upon purchasing solar panels. The solar investment tax credit rates are changing every year, affecting your savings potential. Find out how you can lock-in the current rate by contacting us. You can claim dollar-for-dollar reductions in income tax if you install solar panels, but these tax credits are only available for a limited period. We encourage you to go solar and claim your tax credits while you still have the option!

Residential & Commercial Solar Panel Installation

  • We have been in the business for over 25 years.
  • Our team is led by a dedicated team of trained, certified solar power experts.
  • We install solar panels for residential and commercial properties across LA.
  • We install solar panels on all roof types, carports, and ground mounts.
  • We specialize in solar panel installation for various roof types — corrugated roof, flat roof, tile roofs, ballasted roofs, TPO, and metal roofing.
  • We offer ongoing diagnostics, upgrades, and maintenance services.

It's All In The Panels.

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Powerfull Solar's Turnkey Process

From your energy consultation, to your on-site assessment. From designing your ideal solar panel set-up, all the way through to financing, permitting, and installation, Powerfull Solar is committed to providing the best possible experience for you. Investing in solar panels is a no-brainer and we’re here to make it hassle-free.

Solar Services

Consultations & Assessment

Powerfull Solar offers free consultations and assessments. Once you can send us your information, our representatives will contact you to schedule an assessment at your convenience. A solar energy consultant will meet you at your home or business to initiate the comprehensive assessment, which includes property analysis, energy consumption analysis, and a solar savings analysis. Finally, we draft a comprehensive plan of action and offer a free quote for the project.


Solar Panel Installation

Powerfull Solar curates a personalized solar panel installation strategy according to your property’s location and your household’s current energy consumption and expectations. It only takes a few days to install the appropriate numbers of solar panels on your roof, which is the ideal location to harness solar energy. The solar panels are designed in accordance with your property’s aesthetic principles to ensure they look beautiful while functioning at optimal capacity.


Maintenance & Servicing

Powerfull Solar ensures your solar system remains efficient throughout its lifespan. We offer per-incident maintenance as needed. Our 24/7 remote monitoring service gives you complete peace of mind. Our team will get notified if anything is off with your system and we’ll contact you promptly to help resolve the issue.


You Deserve To Own Your Energy

Powerfull Solar believes everyone deserves clean, affordable, and renewable energy. Solar power offers a sustainable path towards energy independence, especially since solar panels last for over 30 years, so they easily pay for themselves in the long run. Solar power allows you to reduce your financial burden while saving the planet — it’s a win-win!


Become Energy Independent Today

Powerfull Solar is the premier solar company specializing in solar panel installations for residential and commercial properties in Los Angeles. We empower you to make educated decisions about your energy requirements. Our representatives and solar experts discuss all your options, highlight the benefits of solar power, and provide a comprehensive assessment of your solar energy requirements. If you’re prepared to go solar, give us a call for a free quote.

"I had a problem with the bathroom lights not working. I texted Powerfull Electric and was able to diagnose the problem within minutes. Can't beat their friendly attitude and depth of knowledge and experience."

A. H.

"Don't even bother calling anyone else. These guys are fantastic. We had Mike come by and get some lights working in the laundry room. On time, super quick, and professional."

J. W.

"They are the gold standard in lighting and automation needs, both inside and landscape."


"Nice family atmosphere, nice place."

T. M.

"BEST IN THE ENTIRE BUSINESS! Very organized, respectful, honest and professional people. They guide you from A to Z, answering any and all questions truthfully. I would give them 100 stars if I could."

M. B.

Did You Know You Can Finance Your Solar Panels?

Powerfull Solar offers financing options to all our clients who qualify. Our financing program lets you move over to solar with no upfront cost, allowing you to benefit from immediate savings on utility bills.

  • No upfront cost if you qualify
  • Zero money down
  • We’ll help you find out if you qualify

It's Time To Power Up, Efficiently.


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