A clean, renewable source of energy

Solar energy allows you to invest in your future. Considering the fact that utility costs in California increase every year, owning your own resources is one of the wisest financial decisions you can make. Solar panel installation has no upfront cost and it more than pays for itself in the long run. As an added bonus, it’s a completely clean and renewable source of energy, so you get to save the planet while eliminating your electricity bills!

Own (don’t rent)
your power

Solar power is an investment in yourself, your environment, your world, and your future. Solar panel installation allows you to harness the sun’s infinite power and generate electricity for yourself. As such, you own an asset, not a liability.

Dramatically cut or
eliminate electricity bills

Utility bills in California increase by approximately 6% every year, which means you have to pay more and more for your electricity every year. Solar panel installation helps you become energy-independent, so you no longer have to pay electricity bills. In the long run, solar panels can more than pay for themselves.

Build a piggy bank of excess energy for later use

Depending on the number of solar panels you’ve installed, their location, and the energy needs in your household, you may even be left with excess power. You can store excess solar energy in electrochemical batteries, which can be used as a free, portable source of energy. You can even build up credits to pull from later on during times of less daylight, as in winter or at night.



Benefit from federal tax incentives (while possible)

An investment tax credit allows you to avail of dollar-for-dollar reductions in income tax for yourself or your company. The solar investment tax credit rates change over the years, influencing your savings potential. Find out how you can lock-in the current rate by contacting us. Solar panel installation helps you save in income taxes that you would otherwise pay the federal government. But the time to maximize your solar savings is quickly running out, so you should seize those tax credits while you still can!

Increase your property value

Solar panel installation dramatically increases your property’s value. If you decide to move, you can transfer payments to the new homeowners or cash it out. In both scenarios, you stand to benefit financially from installing solar panels on your roof. Whichever way you look at it, solar panel installation is incredibly profitable.

A clean and renewable source of energy

Solar power is a renewable source of energy relying on the power of the sun, without the need to burn fossil fuels to produce energy. Additionally, you own your energy — no one can take it away from you.

Lead an eco-friendly lifestyle and save the planet

Solar energy is an eco-friendly source of energy because it doesn’t drain the planet’s limited resources. Going solar allows you to reduce your household’s carbon footprint and help save the planet while reducing your monthly utility costs — it’s a win-win for you and the environment! Your children will certainly thank you.

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