Our goal is your energy-independence

Powerfull Solar is the premier solar power company in the Los Angeles area, committed to helping all homeowners and commercial spaces in the region become 100% energy independent. We have helped thousands of Californians generate and own their power, and we can help you become energy-independent as well.

Comprehensive solar panel
installation for everyone

Powerfull Solar provides comprehensive solar power services. Our executive team handles every aspect of solar panel installation, from the initial assessment and design to the final installation and maintenance. We ensure optimal efficiency at every stage of the process, helping you build a renewable source of energy and reduce unnecessary electrical costs.

We aim to build a solar system that fits your specific needs, goals, and expectations. Whether you’re a homeowner, or a large-scale commercial enterprise, we have scalable solar panel solutions for you. Our experienced and skilled team members will pursue cutting-edge technologies and techniques to maximize your capacity to own your own power.

You always come first
at Powerfull Solar

Powerfull Solar puts the customer first at every stage of the solar panel installation process. From the moment you contact us with your solar panel needs, we consider you a life-long partner and treat you with the utmost priority. Furthermore, even after solar panel installation, we remain a simple phone call away to handle all maintenance needs.

Why we love solar power:

  • Clean, renewable source of energy
  • Become 100% energy independent
  • Lower or eliminate monthly electrical costs
  • Generate and own your power
  • Optimize your home’s resale value

Call us for a free quote!

Powerfull Solar is available seven days a week to answer your questions and concerns about solar panel installation. You may call us directly for immediate assistance, or you can enter your details for a free quote. Our expert technicians will contact you, gather the necessary information, and provide a free quote for your solar panel installation project.

It's Time To Power Up, Efficiently.


We serve the following areas of California:

Fresno Tulare Santa Barbara
San Bernardino County Ventura County LA County
Orange County Riverside County