Unmatched quality with Powerfull Solar

Powerfull Solar is a solar power company dedicated to helping homeowners develop their own renewable energy. Armed with over 25 years of experience in the industry, we offer optimal solar power installation services with unmatched quality. We are the industry leaders in all matters related to solar energy, including solar panel installation, having offered our services to thousands of residential and commercial clients across Los Angeles.

Generate and own
your renewable energy

Solar panel installation allows you to generate and own renewable energy as opposed to renting your power. Most property owners assume that solar panel installation is expensive, but, in actuality, it more than pays for itself. Solar panel installation allows you to generate and own an infinite source of power, so you can dramatically cut your electricity costs.

Solar panel installation
for everyone

We are the premier solar panel installation company in the Los Angeles area. Our goal is to build a solar power system for everyone’s individual needs and goals. Whether you’re a small homeowner, or a large business, we offer scalable solar panel installation services to meet your needs. Nothing is impossible for our clients. Furthermore, we relentlessly pursue innovative techniques to customize solar installation to your needs.

It's Time To Power Up, Efficiently.


We serve the following areas of California:

Fresno Tulare Santa Barbara
San Bernardino County Ventura County LA County
Orange County Riverside County