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Powerfull Solar has installed comprehensive solar systems in thousands of residential and commercial properties in the Los Angeles region, helping individuals and companies become energy independent. We can do the same for you. When you contact our solar power experts, we’ll assess your property for a thorough assessment, following which we’ll provide a free quote. Once you give the green signal, we will complete the entire solar panel installation within the stipulated time frame.

Your solar power journey
starts with a consultation

Your solar power journey starts with a personalized consultation and assessment. Our solar power experts examine your property, evaluate your monthly energy consumption, determine your overall energy needs, and draft a comprehensive proposal for your solar panel installation. We also calculate your solar savings, so you know exactly how much you can save in the long run with solar power. After the assessment, we will walk you through the entire solar panel installation process.

The steps involved in solar panel installation:

  • Measuring the installation area, including the layout of the panels and roof mounts.
  • Removing tiles if the property has a tiled roof.
  • Using audible, electronic, or physical techniques to locate roof-mounted rafters.
  • Fastening the roof mounts into the rafters to ensure optimal water seal.
  • Attaching rails to the roof mounts to elevate the solar panels.
  • Ensuring the solar panels remain cool and maintain ample air circulation, which, in turn, ensures optimal power and performance.
  • Connecting a continuous copper ground wire to the rail segments for optimal safety.
  • Installing micro-inverters to convert DC output to AC for every solar panel.
  • Installing power optimizers to condition DC output from one solar panel to the next.
  • Installing electrical junction boxes with wiring that runs down to the ground level via conduits.
  • Placing the chosen solar panels down on the rails on the roof.
  • Positioning and fastening solar panels on the rails to ensure optimal stability.
  • Installing caps at the end of the rails for optimal aesthetic appearance.
  • Installing cut-off switches that offer a safe and accessible means of disconnecting the entire solar system during servicing periods and emergencies.
  • Installing a string inverter that centrally converts AC from the power conditioners.
  • Upgrading the electric main panel to accommodate the newly installed solar system.
  • Connecting the wiring from the AC disconnect switches to the electric main panel via breakers to facilitate easy disconnection during short circuits or emergencies.
  • Installing a net meter to calculate the volume of energy consumed and generated — excess energy can be stored in a “piggy bank” and pulled from later on.

Solar panel inspection
and final approval

Once the entire solar system is installed, approximately one month after the consultation, the city inspection process can begin. The City or Agency Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) will send representatives to examine the installation of the solar system and the general construction. Your solar system will also be inspected by the utility company, following which you’ll receive the “Permission to Operate,” indicating that you can turn the system on.

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Powerfull Solar is the premier solar installer in Los Angeles, with a perfect track record for helping individuals and companies become energy independent. We believe in complete transparency, which is why our solar power experts walk you through every step of the solar panel installation process in advance. If you have any questions or concerns or want to initiate your solar power journey, please contact us for a free quote today.

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