Gain energy independence

As the utility rates in Los Angeles increase every year, one of the wisest and most conservative decisions for you is going solar. Solar panels allow you to harness energy directly from the sun and generate your own power, which means you can dramatically cut down or even eliminate electricity costs. With enough solar panels, you can become energy independent and potentially generate enough power to store for later use, in a “piggy bank” of energy credits. When you add the benefits of tax incentives, solar panels can more than pay for themselves in the long run.

Pave your way towards
energy independence

Solar power is an infinite, renewable source of energy, and the only energy source that no one owns. Most people avoid getting solar panels because they see it as an unnecessary expense. But that’s a fairly short-sighted approach — solar panels allow you to harness and generate your own power, allowing you to own your energy. Depending on the number of solar panels you install, you can dramatically reduce electricity bills or even generate surplus power, which can be stored in the form of credits which you can later pull from.

Solar panels aren’t a financial liability — they’re a valuable and lucrative source of investment. Solar energy allows you to reduce electricity bills while leading an eco-friendly lifestyle. Furthermore, solar panels also increase the value of your property, which can prove fruitful in the long run. You don’t have to rely on external agencies and companies for your resources; you can be completely independent. If you like the idea of owning your resources, contact us for solar panel installation in Los Angeles.

Your journey to energy independence begins now

Step 1: Free Consultation

If you want to initiate your journey towards solar energy, please contact our specialists today. You can give us a call or send us a message, and a representative will be in touch. We will ask for pertinent information, discuss your solar power goals, battery storage, roofing solutions, and more, and provide a free quote.

Step 2: Site Survey

Our solar power team is led by highly-skilled and experienced energy consultants with decades of combined knowledge. We have handled thousands of solar panel installations, and we can answer all of your questions and concerns. Please reach out to learn more about your solar panel installation requirements.

Step 3: Design & Permitting

Powerfull Solar handles every aspect of solar panel design and permitting. From the initial consultation to the installation and activation, we’re the go-to team for all your solar energy requirements. We will take care of city permits, inspections, and your full design to ensure your solar panels are exactly right for you.

Step 4: Install Day

Your solar panel installation should also work with your home’s aesthetic sensibilities. Our solar panel experts examine your home and roofing to custom-design the ideal solar system for your roof, ensuring optimal cosmetic results. We guarantee that the solar panels will look beautiful.

Step 5: Activation & PTO

The final step in your journey will be to get your permission to operate. Our dedicated team will handle all permits, inspections, help you with your paperwork, and liaise with your utility company. We’ll be with you every step of the way including ensuring your utility company connects you to their grid so you can enjoy your new solar system.

Maximize your solar savings while you still can

Solar panel installation allows you to participate in a global change towards a healthier, greener future. In order to incentivize solar panel installation, individuals and companies can receive a dollar-for-dollar reduction in their income taxes, in accordance with the investment tax credit. The solar investment tax credit rates are changing every year, affecting your savings potential. Find out how you can lock-in the current rate by contacting us today.

Your time to maximize solar savings is quickly expiring, so you must use your tax credits right now. Please talk to your tax specialists, contact us for a solar panel installation quote, and seize this opportunity to reduce your income tax burden.

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